The Garden

Knysna - Garden Route - South Africa

'Gardening is not a discipline that can be learned once for all, but keeps presenting problems that must be directly dealt with. It is, in addition, an agricultural and ecological education'
Wendell Berry

The market garden is a section of land that has been dedicated to growing a diversity of organic seasonal vegetables. The space is shared with other local growers who have partnered with us. Together we use intensive organic farming systems with high yields in a balanced farm ecosystem.

Our model is based on growing fresh produce for direct sale to businesses and the public in the greater Knysna area. We pride ourselves on fostering long-term relationships with restaurants that trust us to grow specific vegetables to suit their customers' needs.

As part of our environmental and community ethos, we welcome people to come and harvest their own produce or collect it from our farm. We value everyone that is interested in learning how we grow together.

*Inquiries with regards to pricelists via our contact page