The Orchard

Knysna - Garden Route - South Africa

The orchard is 6 years young and with that one of the farm's longest-standing operations. It covers 0.7 hectares and is comprised of citrus, blueberries, pomegranates and figs. This keeps us on our toes almost right throughout the year, ensuring that there's a steady supply of sweet goodness!

The orchard is organically managed, meaning that you're bound to see insects and birds hovering nearby as well as a lot of weeds growing around them. We try to stay on top of it by patrolling the ridges to keep weeds at bay. A bird alarm is employed to scare the swift birds and our hands do the rest of the work by gently plucking whatever insects hide among the leaves. This way we keep our relationship with these friends as harmonious as possible.

After all, we want to ensure that the farm teems with life, encouraging as much plant and animal diversity as possible.

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